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About CSC

The government of the day, through its policy decisions can effectively use technology, can bring about unprecedented changes in the way people live their lives, communicate, interact and conduct business.

   Believing that IT interventions can become an enabling tool for reaching out to the citizens of the country with ease, speed and economy, the Government of India launched the Common Services Centre’s (CSC) Scheme in 2006 as a part of its initiative under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). Through the CSC scheme, the government has committed itself to addressing the divide, since it believed that e-governance would improve the standards of living of those on the wrong side of the divide and those residing in the rural areas, and allow them access to economic opportunities available to their urban counterparts.

   The Common Service Centres (CSCs) are the Hub or Community Centres for the delivery of all e-governance and other services to the rural people. Sahaj e-Village Limited is in the process of setting up of over 28000 ICT enabled e-kiosks across rural India dovetailed with the NeGP scheme to impact livelihood opportunities for the rural communities. IT based rural information services have been developed to provide information and services to meet the needs of the rural population in the areas of agriculture, education, vocational training, health and hygiene. The idea is to provide sustainable digital access to rural India giving the necessary impetus for upliftment.

Information services and products range from e-governance services, utility services, payments, deposits, insurance and other financial services and a host of e-information and e-learning facilities which are delivered through these CSCs. Each CSCs is positioned at a ratio of one CSC for every six-census villages.

   A CSC in a village is completely operated by the Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) and monitored by the Regional Control Centre (RCC) and Central Control Centre (CCC). The funds for these arrangements are managed by Sahaj. The idea is to develop a platform that can enable Government, Private and Social sector organizations to integrate their social and commercial goals for the benefit of the rural population in the remotest corners of the country through a combination of IT as well as non-IT services. The aim of the scheme is not only to roll out IT infrastructure but also to build a network of over 28000 rural businesses across India. To that effect, the CSC scheme has been designed to create a value proposition for all stakeholders and alignment of their economic interests.